Project Diary: Ball Dress, 12th June.

Plan for 12th June: do outer bodice.

ball dress 120608

Oooh, shiny.

Started late but still managed to do all I planned for this evening. We have bodice attached to midriff with bust gathering (risked it on the sewing machine – a good decision, I feel) and some straps tacked on up the top there.

As a side note, I have much more control over the machine now. I grew up using my mother’s beautiful hand-powered Singer, so using my beautiful electricity-powered Singer is weird, to say the least. I’m still basting everything by hand though – partly because I don’t want to risk running out of thread, and can’t be bothered to change the thread over every time I want to baste anything, but mostly because it just feels better to really handle the fabric when sewing it into place.

Next step is the bodice lining – reckon I can at least get that stitched together, if not sewn to the main fabric, in the next evening’s work.

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