Friday FO: double heelix


As soon as I start holding myself to some sort of posting schedule, the universe says CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and immediately sabotages it. On Friday, I had a terrible headache and couldn’t even bring myself to take the photos to add to the already-written blog post.

Happily, though, not only am I all better, but the blog post is too, as I have completely re-written it to be more awesome. You’re welcome.

Anyway, last week I MADED SOME SOCKS.

I’d been working on a self-designed piece for a while and needed a bit of a break from all that thinking. For some reason, I decided that a pattern rated ‘extra spicy’ would be good for this. I’m smart like that.


The pattern is Double Heelix, from Knitty. I was attracted by the clean, simple lines of the pattern, and as a big fan of the toe-up sock, I was intrigued by the idea of a heel-out pattern. I was not disappointed.


The helix was a little confusing to begin with, but before long I was spiralling like a champ. Then the toe and the ankle were perfect look-ma-I’m-not-even-looking material.

After my most recent equipment failure, I felt a little nervous of magic looping once I got to the ankles and was working on both socks at the same time. So I finally looked up how to knit with two circs at the same time.

Mind. Blown.

I don’t know how I thought it worked before this point, but it was such a beautiful moment of wide-eyed wonder when it twigged. If you’ve not done it before, here’s a link to a great tutorial with colour-coded pictures.

I also learned that while I’ve mastered the technique of photographing socks from the front, trying to get a good pic of an unusual heel involves contortions previously seen only in comic books.


Any recent revelations you’d like to share? A technique turned out to be far more simple than expected? Tips for photographing socks without wrenching most of the muscles in your back? Do share in the comments. 😀

14 thoughts on “Friday FO: double heelix

  1. LOL! I hear you on the universe wholeheartedly accepting your challenge. Looks like you won this time though. Those are really wonderful-looking socks! I bet they feel great too!

  2. Um…tips for photographing socks without injury would be use a tripod. You can set it up, focus the camera on the spot in which your feet will be, set the self timer of the camera (if your camera has that function) and take the picture. If your camera does not have a self timer function then you could use a shutter release cable long enough to hold in your hand while taking the picture.

    Those socks look warm and comfy :).

    1. Haha, of course, I should have clarified that I have no tripod or shutter release cable. My camera can do time delay, but I haven’t found a good place in the garden to balance the camera, getting all feet and no drains or cats in shot.

      Must try harder, I know. 🙂

  3. LOVE these socks! Many years ago a friend of mine told me that when she feels blue, she puts on an “unusual” (colorful, interesting patterns, etc.) pair of sock. Then all throughout the day, every time she looks at her feet, she grins and feels happy. These socks are perfect for that!

    1. That is the main reason I continue to knit socks! I love hiding ludicrous socks under a pair of sensible boots or boring jeans. It brightens my day even when I’m feeling cheerful to start with. 🙂

  4. I have promised myself I’m not starting one more project until I’ve cleaned out my present UFOs…. but that sock looks sooooo intriguing.
    It wouldn’t be another project, it would be a lesson. Right?

  5. What an awsome pair of socks! Even if the universe did it’s usual trick and try to smeg things up for you with the post. They look great. You’ve inspired me to try the sock pattern I have sitting all lonely like in my book bag now so fingers crossed I can get my 1st pair of socks looking at least as half as great as this pair of yours does.
    Taking photos? Um use a tripod or a friend to help… to save on doing yourself an injury that just might raise eyebrows at the ER! 😛

  6. Toe-up socks….mmmmmm! Love ’em, and the colour choice too! I think I’m overdue for some spring socks, though I’m still sporting my thick wool ones. It ain’t warm enough for me!

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