I’ll start writing, just as soon as I finish this quest.

What? I’m doing it for the writing prompts. It is about dragons, you know.

I'm like a sandstone drake, I'll only… wait.

*whistles innocently*

Time for a wee update on the whole Script Frenzy thing. It’s going pretty well so far… I think. I’m behind page-wise, but ahead on the planning front – my mode of operation is to work up a short scene summary to make sure something interesting happens in every scene, and then to turn it into script.

Well. When I’m not sitting around, playing computer games for ‘inspiration’.

It’s definitely a very different experience to the whole NaNoWriMo thing. It takes so few words to make the daily page count that actually, it’s a lot easier. Well. Apart from one thing. In both of these writing adventures, quality is not important. That’s fine – with NaNo, it’s quite liberating to be spaffing out 1700 words in a day with no thought to the standard; reading over it is painful, but you know why it’s that bad, so it’s fine.

With the script… I don’t know. It’s encouraging me to be really slapdash, because I can get away with just throwing a boring, poorly characterised conversation on the page just because I need a particular point to be put across. But then reading over it is so much harder. It’s like the badness is condensed into a rolling sea of awfulness.

Obviously, I’m following the traditional SF/NaNo rules and ignoring the inner editor as much as possible. But it’s an interesting, if unexpected, variation on the feelings and reactions to NaNo. Anyone else getting the same? Does the ease of creating fewer words encourage you to be more careful, or are you (like me) kinda resting on your laurels?

Anyway. Back to the grindstone, which totally does not mean playing more games. Well. Maybe for a bit…

5 thoughts on “I’ll start writing, just as soon as I finish this quest.

  1. I love NaNo, but I struggle with the inner editor. I constantly want to go back and change things and fix things. I’m kind of sad I didn’t do SF this year, but November is only a few months away. Keep up the good work…harvesting inspiration is just as important as the process.

  2. Of course it’s for research…the same way my Sims 2 & 3 oh and my Spore Games are reasearch for me and my (practice) writing as I still talk myself into joining NaNoWriMo this year trying a whole sci-fi space alien thingy. I get it, no need to convince me anyway… not sure about the rest of the world though! 🙂
    Happy Questing!

  3. I know you are swamped with ScriptFrenzy, and that cutlasabutton82 just nominated you for an award. So please don’t kill me when I say….

    I just nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award as well. (Sorry, didn’t realize you were already up for another. I guess that’s what happens when you write such a compelling read.) See the nomination here: http://thethingaboutjoan.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/kreativ-blogger-award-2/

    I truly enjoy your musings and found out about Script Frenzy through your blog.

  4. I’ve done both the NaNaWriMo and the ScriptFrenzy (see Frenzied Writing post for an excerpt of script). I prefer the ScriptFrenzy because I have discovered I much prefer writing scripts. I find my creativity flows faster and farther without having to worry about all that grammar, punctuation, verb tense stuff that often trips me up. Well, sure they still need to be in there, but not quite like when writing a novel. Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
    Happy Pages,

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