Oh. So, uh, that’s the date already?


I fell into the trap of waiting for inspiration to strike. ‘It’ll be fine’, I said, ‘Once I get that spark I’ll be able to bash out hundreds of pages. I’ll just carry on doing my own thing until then. It’s sure to come.’


Wrong, wrong, wrong. How did I forget this? I’ve done NaNo. I know that’s not how it works. You have to sit down and force out that chapter, those scenes, every single day, come hell or high water, fever or chills.

I’m an idiot.

Ah well, crumpled heaps of shame are not the best position from which to view the world, so I shall un-crumple myself and attempt to make the best of it. I do have 30 pages of a 100 page script written, which is more than I had to start with. Right? So let’s see if I can finish it, now there’s no deadline for me to rebel against. ๐Ÿ˜€

Other notices:

Me Made May ’12 starts tomorrow. I’m not entirely sure that I have enough hand-made clothes to last a month without getting bored, but I’m certainly going to give it a go. At the very least, I can throw on a pair of socks and be done with the day.

Also I note that in my quasi-absence I’ve been nominated for two (two!) of these blogging award things, so thank you to cuteasabutton and the thing about joanโ€ฆ! I’ll get on to my end of the bargain as soon as I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

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