So far, so easy.

One outfit down, 30 to go. Still can’t decide on the most appropriate way to document this, so here’s a shot from a proper camera, fed through instagram to make it look like it wasn’t.

Me Made May begins!

The hand-made item here is the skirt; a 3/4 circle, double-layered number with a contrast waist tie. I made this in… 2007, I think, possibly a year or two either side. It pre-dates my flickr account, that’s for certain. It was my first ‘grownup’ self-drafted pattern; I had a pattern for a full-circle kid’s skirt (I think I had a ballet skirt made from it), so I dug that out and traced it onto newspaper, adding a few inches round the edge to fit. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough fabric for a full circle, so I decided not to cut out one of the pieces (!!!). I did realise that the curve of the hemline wouldn’t be right, but said ‘eh, I’ll fudge it later’ and sewed it up anyway.

I didn’t have a dummy at the time, either, so I worked out the hemline by hanging the skirt from one of those hangers with bulldog clips on either end, sort of caterpillar-ing it around a couple of times til I thought it looked relatively even. Because of this, it ended up a few inches shorter than I was intending. Heh. Fortunately, it also hangs a few inches lower on the hips than I was intending, so the two miscalculations cancel each other out.

I thought I’d start with this, as it’s a good, dependable item, and this outfit is one I’ve worn lots of times in the past. It’s probably one of the more successful hand-made items I’ve made; even though it’s a bit uneven, and bits of it weren’t so well thought-out, it doesn’t really show. And when I think of the mistakes, I want to laugh (fondly), rather than weep and hide my face in shame. Also, it’s pretty flattering. Smug ratio: 4/5.

Before I go: I think I wasn’t clear in my first post about Me Made May. The pledge at the start is my own personal challenge, and not the rules that have to be followed by all participants. You make your own challenge, as hard or as easy as you like, and so I don’t want to think I’ve put people off participating by giving the wrong impression. So I’ve edited my post slightly so as to make it slightly less intimidating. πŸ™‚

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  1. I love your skirt and I love your May challenge of wearing something handmade every day. Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing the other days of the month’s items. πŸ™‚

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