Plugging the gaps.

I have 20 more days of wearing hand-made clothing to get through.

I probably have fewer than 20 wearable items left.

I also have a stack of unused patterns.

Can you tell where I’m going with this?

Fear of running out of outfits: falling. ;)

Originally, I was planning on using this month to get a good picture of my wardrobe (hand-made or otherwise), so I could work out what sort of things I should be looking to make. But I’m feeling impatient, and I had one of those moments when I suddenly realise that the internet is not just a place you go to look at amusing pictures of cats; it is also a place you go to when you need to buy something, and are too lazy to leave your house to go to a real shop.

So yes, I’ve just bought a stack of fabric to go with my stack of patterns. I was just supposed to be getting some notions so I could make something of my existing fabric stash; but you know how it is. Idly browsing through the store and all of a sudden I qualify for free shipping. It’s ok if it’s for my art, yes?

(also, if anyone has any good tips for matching thread to fabric you’ve not seen yet, I’m all ears. Probably should have thought about that before clicking the ‘check out’ button.)

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