surprise!ravellenics project

I finally picked a project with which to disrespect the Olympics.

I stole away (by which I mean bought, don’t worry) some delicious yarn from a shop in Exeter about… a year ago. I think it was my reward to myself for finishing my dissertation, with the intention of making it into a triangular shawl thing. I’ve made one before, an Aeolian to be specific (here’s mine), and while I loooooove it, I mostly wear it as a reading-in-bed-neckwarmer because it doesn’t really go with any of my coats. This yarn still doesn’t really go with any of my coats but is a little bit more subtle than OMGORANGE.

I sat down in front of the Opening Ceremony with the untouched skein. I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to wind yarn when your head is tilted so far to one side in an expression of amused confusion. But I managed it in the end.

My efforts during the opening ceremony last night. #ravellenics

I have to say, I did love the batshit opening ceremony. I am easily embarrassed by things like this but not only is it hard to wind while headtilting, it is also hard to cringe.

I decided to start very plain, just because this is the bit that will get most scrunched up around my neck, and so that there’s a good section where the yarn isn’t overwhelmed by patterning because it’s so pretty. I did a garter tab cast on, and got on my way in stocking stitch. This is how far I got on day 1, while watching everything from swimming to gymnastics to archery to basketball:

Progress after day 1 #ravellenics

LOOK. LIFELINES. As I’m improvising, I expect I’ll end up unravelling bits of it so I wanted to make sure that was as easy as possible.

Day 2, I did a bit more plain stocking stitch, but then thought FLOWERS. Because, spring. I guess? I don’t know. I then realised that this is going to be the most unnecessarily twee shawl I’ve ever seen. Meh. I spent the day mostly trolling around after Team GB after I found this helpful timetable. In between times I gaped at the awesome female weightlifters and tried not to look down at my spindly, weak little arms.

Day 2 #ravellenics

I’ve watched so many events now I’ve lost count of the number of athletes and countries I’ve disrespected with my knitting. I WIIIIIIIIINNN. How about you?

4 thoughts on “surprise!ravellenics project

  1. LOL, you’re doing all of us disrespectful knitters proud!
    I haven’t managed to do any knitting while watching the games, but maybe sewing through the opening ceremony counts?
    And that is very lovely yarn, can’t wait to see what you come up with in the end!

  2. Reblogged this on Craftini: My Daily Cocktail of Yarn, Beads and Paper and commented:
    Hey, my blogging buddy over at The Careless Gene is knitting in the Ravellenics (formerly the Ravelympics – hope they try to sue me, too) and I loved this post and this project so thought I’d share this with you this morning. My post coming later today. I have to say I agree with her about the Opening Ceremony. It was a bit “batshit.” And she’s British, so she can say that.

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